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How to Glamp on the Beach in a Stunning Caribbean Paradise

Thanks to Wild Lotus Camp, Antigua is the first Caribbean island where the venturous traveller and wellness seeker can experience the sheer exhilaration of glamping on a deserted beach in a stunning Caribbean paradise

Antigua is world re-known for its stunning beaches; 365 of them, one for every day of the year. Most have no road access so remain beautifully untouched. This also means no mains water supply and no electricity supply. So you might well be wondering what to bring. Well..let's start by telling you what not to bring.

Get the best from your beach glamping holiday - leave the laptop behind

Glamping (a portmanteau of Glamour and Camping) is an out-of-the-ordinary camping experience with all the creature comforts of a good quality hotel. You’ll find everything you need in your luxury tent, a comfortable double bed, soft furniture and even a solar charger for your phone. But to get the best from your glamping holiday we’d strongly advise you to leave the laptop behind. And the hairdryer.

How to get the best from beach glamping Caribbean style

Here are 8 more useful tips for what to bring to have a great time glamping in the Caribbean

  • 1. Travel light – you won’t be wearing many clothes, it’s always warm even when it rains, and it never rains for long. So limit the different changes of clothes that you might ordinarily take on a holiday that add bulk to your suitcase

  • 2. Bring an underwater camera - you will take some amazing underwater shots

  • 3. Bring your own snorkel face gear – you'll get used to snorkelling more quickly if you use the face same gear. We have flippers for you to use free of charge.

  • 4. Hire the the smallest bar in Antigua - it comes stocked with all your favourite beers wines and spirits and a delicious cocktail menu for you to work your way through

  • 5. Have s’mores – check out our scrummy s’mores menu and spend at least one night in front of the campfire indulging in your favourite flavours

  • 6. Download a star gazer app – the skies at night are so clear and compelling you will stargaze for hours. Get a free app so that you can look for life on Mars

  • 7. Swim ashore in shoes - take a powerboat ride out to a deserted beach and go exploring inland. Water shoes will give your feet that added protection from the undergrowth.

  • 8. Wear a good sunscreen (or pick fresh Aloe Vera when you get here) – Aloe Vera, with its many healing properties, grows wild in Antigua. The best sunscreens have this magical ingredient to protect your skin.

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Glamp on the beach to feel that awesome gravitational pull of the sea

To stand on a deserted beach and feel that awesome gravitational pull of the sea is a deep and visceral human need, rarely satisfied by the typical beach holiday. Beach glamping at Wild Lotus Camp is the ultimate in a Caribbean beach retreat. Whether you stay at the site on Valley Church beach or choose the ultimate Robinson Crusoe getaway at Pinching bay, no other Caribbean holiday lets you experience mesmerising turquoise seas and glorious sunsets on a beach you’ll have entirely to yourself quite like we do.

Why choose Caribbean beach glamping?

Caribbean beach Glamping is perfect for lovers of the outdoors who need to unplug and recharge through a connection with nature. That’s what most of us are looking for when we book a beach holiday.

Yet whilst many hotels in Antigua are beachfront – they are often so large that you’re lucky if your room has a sea view. Our sleek and luxury tents are fabulous; the tents are right on the beach so they're off-grid, lit by tiki torches and twinkling strings of solar fairy lights.

Beach glamping with Wild Lotus is comfortable, private and safe

Apart from our friendly security beach patrol most likely you won’t see anyone else. The gate to the beach is locked at night, the tents have security locks and (if you must bring it) there’s even a safe for your laptop bolted into the solid oak dressers that furnish the tents. So, whilst you’re just 20 steps from the shoreline, you’re comfortable, private and safe.

We all know what if feels like to yearn for a beach holiday and be at one with nature and the person you love. This yearning can be quelled for a short time by the traditional hotel but guaranteed, this deep and visceral desire, to immerse yourself in nature where the surf kisses the shore, comes back year in year out, as sure as the ebb and flow of the tide.

Caribbean beach glamping is a truly unforgettable experience

Don’t be one of those people that choose to holiday on a Caribbean island only to find yourself failing to satisfy your hunger for a more immersive beach experience. For a truly unforgettable experience contact Wild Lotus today.

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